You want to grow your business.

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Strategic marketing intelligence

We bring growth companies CMO-level marketing strategy help when needed, and assemble a freelancer team to execute it.

Ready to grow

You are ready to launch a new product or go to a new market!


Your marketing needs are in flux. Finding the right team to plan & execute can be challenging.

Right strategy

We will help you to reimagine your marketing strategy. New ideas, and the best use of your resources.

Outsourced marketing help

You will get passionate marketing professionals to do the right job at the right time via our freelancer network.


Creating change

We focus on helping companies to get their marketing strategy done in a way that it gives better results faster with happier people.
We believe better work satisfaction, and more flexible work hours and work places are going to be the norm.
Katja Presnal, CEO/Founder


Work with us

Whether your company is a startup just launching your first product, or an established market leader there is always room to grow.


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