Presnal5 Invests in Happy Textiles

February 17, 2019 Presnal5

Presnal5 Ltd invested in Spiderhouse Ltd in January 2019.

Strategic marketing intelligence agency Presnal5 became a partner in Spiderhouse platform company. Spiderhouse does business as Happy Textiles. Happy Textiles’ focus is to commercialize new textile materials and technologies by creating business connections over the industries and borders.

Happy Textiles offers consulting service, and facilitates meet-ups, events and  custom workshops, and the long term focus is on building a virtual marketplace for players in the textile technology industry. Happy Textiles’ goal is to accelerate go-to-market time and help to commercialize projects in the textile technology industry.

Happy Textiles was founded by textile technology connector  Marja Kuutti-Sopanen (former Marimekko and Nanso, owner of Core Campus consulting company), private investor company FinEstLove Oy (owned by Kustaa Valtonen, Peter Vesterbacka, Riikka Erkkilä and Timo Teimonen),  business leader Jorma Kallio (former CEO of Suunto and Polar) and business architect Christian Alçenius (owner of FutureLab).

Happy Textiles’ most important partner for 2019 is City of Helsinki. Happy Textiles performs as a facilitator and connector. The goal of the joint project with city of Helsinki is to determine the needs and challenges of the companies and individuals in the textile, technology and design industries, and how new ways of work together could be formed. The project culminates in the first Happy Textiles Bazaar Helsinki textile technology showcase at Kaapeli in Helsinki on November 2019.

We are excited to be part of building a new platform company, and Presnal5’s focus will be in creating the media platform, and providing 360-degree marketing strategy for Happy Textiles. Katja Presnal will also act as a (part-time) Head of Marketing and Media for Happy Textiles, joining an all star team.

Our experience in building media properties, loyal communities and ecosystems is highly beneficial for Happy Textiles. In addition the Presnal5 consumer and B2B marketing services will be valuable for many Happy Textiles members. Presnal5 will start offering workshops, and special products just for members of Happy Textiles.


Read more what we have done for Happy Textiles so far.

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