The challenge

Happy Textiles Bazaar is a private company building a global network of players in the textile technologies industry. They focus to commercialize new textile materials and technologies by creating business ecosystems over the industries and borders. The company hosts meetups for industry members to meet & learn from each others, they offer consulting services and are planning on building a media platform and an online market place catering the industry. 2018 goal was to kick start the business, and get ready for Happy Textiles Bazaar Helsinki and to start building a gateway to China via partnerships and trips to Fuzhou.



Katja Presnal was appointed as Happy Textiles Bazaar Chief Marketing Officer in January 2019. This allows Katja to take strategic lead on marketing and communications activities for Happy Textiles Bazaar to help them to grow in 2019 and beyond. This was a perfect solution for HTB with Katja’s extensive combined experiences of building advocacy communities for brands, running media platforms, webshops and creating global marketing strategies and campaigns. Rental CMO services give an cost effective way to bring growth companies a C-level skills as a part-time service.

Strategic partner

Presnal5 became a strategic partner, and as a member of the Happy Textiles ecosystem will be providing marketing, content creation, and strategy services also for Happy Textiles ecosystem members in the textile technology industry.


We started by making a new website happytextiles.fi for Happy Textiles Bazaar. Happy Textiles Bazaar already had an excellent backend built for the market place and member management by Polea, but we helped with the frontend to create a new WordPress site. The WordPress platform will work as a fast and easy solution as a frontend MVP for the first 1-2 years as the company grows.


We offer short tail and long tail content creation for Happy Textiles. One of the important projects is Happy Textiles China Market Program, which contains one-week bootcamp in Fuzhou, and China accelerator program. The content production for this project included interview videos (for YouTube and IGTV), social media content, photos, and blog posts.


Presnal5 invested in Spiderhouse Oy DBA Happy Textiles in January 2019. We started working together in late 2018, and realized our synergy benefits. Presnal5 focuses in helping growth companies to grow internationally through strategic marketing intelligence, and Happy Textiles focuses in commercializing business ecosystems helping to speed up go-to-market timeline for companies in the textile technology industry. Presnal5 can provide marketing knowledge & execution for Happy Textiles members.