We've always been ahead of the times.

We were promoting cell phones in 1994, using Twitter in 2008, and marketing outer space in 2017. We like to market up and coming brands, concepts and technologies.

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Katja Presnal

CEO / Founder

American Advertising Award-winning marketing strategist who has worked with multiple Fortune 100 brands in the USA. Trailblazer who has been doing digital marketing since 2004. Strong skills in content, social media and influencer marketing. Requested conference speaker.

“I’ve been fortunate to create my own media brand, work with multiple large brands, and help small startups to grow. My real passion is inspiring people to live life to the fullest by combining a career and personal goals in life. Presnal5 will continue my life work in bringing passionate people around the world together.” Katja

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Isabella Presnal

Video Artist

Despite her young age, Isabella has been working in video production for years, from editing to filming to being an on-camera personality to producing large productions. She directed, produced and filmed her first short film in 2016. She has done commercial work and news broadcasting. She has lived in multiple countries and consults brands about generation Z mindset.

“I’m passionate about combining storytelling and editing techniques for captivating content. I want to help brands to tell their stories through video. Video is the fastest growing consumed media – let’s talk what we can do for your brand!” Isabella

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Matt Presnal

Board Member

Former U.S. Army helicopter test pilot, and an award-winning Lean Six Sigma leader with proven high-level of performance. Managed global teams for Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin in the USA, Sweden and Canada, with a strong ability to build an industry presence, and handle international relations.

“Many of my aviation industry skills like exceeding strategic goals, remaining calm in high-pressure situations, and ability to motivate industry professionals as a respected team leader are skills business leaders need in order to excel. I look forward bringing my experience for Presnal5 clients.” Matt


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Riina Virtanen


Riina Virtanen has diverse experience in the IT, innovation and marketing areas. Known for B2B marketing building strong brands with modern digital marketing. Worked in Tieto Corporation with different industries, and helped new innovations and business to grow and gain sustainable business.

“My mission is to help companies build their future of marketing that takes the best out of this inspiring revolution. While having a good overall understanding of the big picture, I make my mission happen with a very focused eye on the ball and concrete actions that deliver the value to business.” Riina


We have our own media platform, and invest in some of our client companies. In addition we have a network of small agency, and freelancer partners. We believe in symbiotic ecosystems and working together!


We own Skimbaco Lifestyle online media, founded by Katja Presnal in 2007.
Skimbaco Lifestyle is an excellent platform to market our clients.

Skimbaco Lifestyle, Helsinki, Finland


We are one of the owners of Happy Textiles platform for textile technology industry.
Happy Textiles gives an excellent way to expand what we can offer for our clients in the textile technology industries.

Happy Textiles, Helsinki, Finland


We work with agile small teams, content creators, freelancers and consultants. Here are some of them.



IDEATIONS, Gothenburg, Sweden