The challenge

Voglia is a 35-year-old Finnish family company, and a premium fashion brand with long traditions and high values. A recent brand refresh gives an opportunity to become the next go-to-brand for the over 35 year old women, who appreciate the locally designed and produced high quality clothing, and company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical way of doing business – the way Voglia has always done business.


Internal communications

Change starts from within. We started the process of the brand refresh by organizing internal workshops for Voglia retail store employees. In the internal workshops we didn’t just go through the changes in the brand, but integrated the Voglia family as part of the change by listening their feedback, ideas and challenges.

Target Market Workshop

We gathered fashion and business influencers for a secret shopping mission, and organized a shopper panel to get feedback directly from the desired new target market. With one workshop we gained consumer insights, shopper marketing insights, influencer online content, and started influencer co-operation. (Photo: Tunnetila)


The first steps we took with Voglia were focusing on starting the brand change within the organization, and involving personnel and influencers as part of the journey from day one. We focused on finding what makes Voglia unique – and listening to the target market influencers to get insights what people think of Voglia today. With these insights we were able to take the next steps, and start creating a Tone fo Voice, and redefining the channels to reach the new target audience.


New target audience requires a new tone of voice. We held an agile workshop to create the Tone of Voice, and immediately started testing it. In the A/B testing, the new tone of voice gained significantly higher open rate in the newsletter open rate, and Instagram following and engagement grew with 20% during the first month of testing.


We believe in an agile way of working. Instead of spending months perfecting the content marketing strategy, we created a framework that allows us to start testing new things. This way we are moving forward all the time, and we are getting insights in real time, and can react and adjust fast. We defined content marketing topics, and created a summer 2019 content marketing plan, that includes blog posts, and social media content. Our team provided blog posts, editing, photography, copy and a social media management.