The challenge

Weecos, the sustainable marketplace, wanted to team up with Isabella Presnal to promote their sustainable online marketplace in an authentic way. Eco-conscious living is important to Isabella, so it was a great brand-influencer match. Weecos had a pop up shop in Stockholm, Sweden, and they want to increase their brand awareness outside Finland, so choosing Isabella Presnal and Skimbaco Lifestyle provided visibility in the Nordics – and also North America. Together with Presnal5 team, we created a multi-channel content package for Weecos.



As a brand ambassador for Weecos, Isabella published content on her own social media channels, and in our own blog Skimbaco Lifestyle. Weecos got a social media content package for their own social media channels, and for their blog.

Video production

We created multiple videos for Weecos, from a story of Weecos popup in Stockholm, to Isabella’s favorite picks from the store, and a brand story video explaining what Weecos is and how brands can join the platform.